Welcome to Essex Process Service!

What We Do:

We provide court document filing and retrieval services and legal process service for law firms, companies, and individuals, too.  We reglarly serve throughout the Windsor-Essex County region as well as Chatham-Kent and occasionally the Metro Detroit area as well Pelee Island.

We also maintain an ever-expanding network of qualified process servers in other areas & jurisdictions: so, if you require a document served and/or filed anywhere in North America, we can probably help you!

What Types of Documents Do We Deal With:

Ontario Small Claims documents: Platintiff's Claim, Defence, Notice of Examination, Notice of Contempt Hearing, Summons to Witness, Garnishments, and more.

Ontario Civil documents: Statement of Claim, Statement of Defence, Applications, Notice of Motion and Motion Record, Notice of Examination in aid of, Estates, Summons to Witness, Subpoenas, and more.

Ontario Family documents: Application for Divorce, Affdavits in Support of Custody Claims, Financial Statements, Notice of Contempt Hearings, and more.

USA documents: Summons and Complaint, Notice of Motion/Hearing, and more.

We serve, file, retrieve, and photocopy all of the above.

If you don't see your particular documents listed, please contact us!




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